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Avalon BioMedical (Shenzhen) Limited is a subsidiary of Avalon BioMedical (Management) Limited, a Hong Kong biotechnology incubator focused on delivering next generation healthcare solutions to benefit humanity. The Shenzhen branch dedicates to the design, development, manufacture and distribution of phototherapy medical devices.

Our first product is a LED-based wearable phototherapy device (Kanga-care) for the treatment of neonatal jaundice. It was developed by a team of pediatric specialists, engineers, and scientists. Kanga-care was approved as a Class II medical device in China in 2018. The second generation, KangaLite, featured a redesigned light emitting panels and swaddle for reducing weight and improving the product usability. KangaLite has received the approval from the China’s NMPA (formally known as CFDA), CE certificate for EU regions, and 510(k) clearance from the US FDA.

Our Product

Neonatal Phototherapy Device

A revolution in blue light phototherapy, higher intensive blue light increase the decline of bilirubin. Treatment can continue while mother embraces the baby in her arm, and the baby can feel the mother’s heartbeat and breathing, even receive breastfeeding.

Ward Receive phototherapy with mother in one room
Outpatient Reduce the cost of hospitalization
Home Prevent the hospital infection

Supports developmental care and promotes mother-child bonding
  • Stabilize the baby, and reduce the cry
  • The parents can participate the whole phototherapy process
  • Increase the rate of breastfeeding
  • Reduce the anxiety of mother

Irradiance level
  • High intensive blue light
  • Dual panel irradiance 50μW/cm²/nm
Cold blue light source

No heat emits, no side effects of thermal radiation to infants, reduce the occurrence of dehydration, conducive maintaining fluid balance

Optic panel disposal covers

Soft disposal covers are made of skin-friendly fabric, which prevents cross infection of different infants

Surface area

Provides greater surface area than other fiber-optic devices


The light source can be easily positioned with the Table mounting clip, or attached with the Shoulder strap by caregiver

No eye-shield needed

The swaddle wraps the infant safely inside with no blue light leaking, both infant and caregiver need not wear eye-shield

Long-lasting blue LED light system provides more than 20,000 hours light therapy

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